1. This Newsletter updates members with regard to progress made by the Association since April 1998.


2. Feedback Questionnaire: The Questionnaire responses received show a small preference for a change in the logo of the Association. The above letterhead was the preferred choice and will, unless there are strong objections to the contrary, be adopted by the Association. Furthermore, in the New Year, it is hoped to raise the profile of the Association and attract new members to the Association by means of a limited publicity campaign in the local government press and letters posted to all local authority chief executives.


Other helpful feedback from the returned Questionnaires included:

  1. Enhanced rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation (this received unanimous support);
  2. Maintain profile of employed bar and representation at the Bar Council;
  3. Deal with local authority bias towards employed solicitors and against employed barristers; and
  4. Undertake a marketing drive to increase membership of the Association.


3. Association consultations: As respects items 2(i) and (ii), the Association has considered and duly responded, where time has permitted, to Consultation papers issued by the Government with regard to ‘Modernising Local Government’ (on Best Value and the Ethical Framework) and ‘Rights of audience and rights to consult litigation’.

If any member would like to see copies of the Consultation Papers or the Association’s responses, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Clearly, the Association will continue to watch developments in these areas and undertake appropriate further work when the legislation is introduced. If any member would like to assist the Association with such work, please do not hesitate to contact me.


4. Bar Council elections: These will be held early next month. Paul Stivadoros and Marina Lipscomb are our current representatives on the Bar Council. Marina will not be standing for re-election and members will know that Paul resides in Cyprus. Paul will, therefore, find it most difficult to maintain an active presence at Bar Council meetings.


It is imperative, therefore, that our Association continues to be well represented on the Bar Council if we are to secure further success for our members. I have put myself forward, again, on behalf of the Association. Please use your vote to ensure the Association is well represented on the Bar Council.


My submission is repeated for your general information:


"As Chairman of the Bar Association for Local Government & the Public Service, Assistant Director (Legal) at Bolton MBC and previous elected member of the Bar Council (1995-1997), I will use my knowledge and experience to deliver what you want. Examples include fair rights of audience / rights to conduct litigation for suitably experienced barristers and fair representation on the Bar Council.


I will do this by:-

  1. co-operating with elected representatives and working through Bar Committees to secure mutual advantage for the employed bar; and
  2. continuously promoting a positive and professional image of the employed bar."


 5. Human Rights Act 1998: I have just completed my LLM dissertation on "The Employment Law implications of the Human Rights Act 1998 for UK local government". If any member is interested in receiving an Executive Summary of it, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  1. Annual Subscriptions: The subscriptions for 1998/99 are as follows:

Full members : £12.00

Associate / Retired members : £ 6.00


Members are encouraged to pay their tax-deductible subscriptions by Standing Order. Any member who established a Standing Order, prior to 1996, is also encouraged to update his/her Standing Order to the new banking details of the Association. A Standing Order Mandate was enclosed with the April 1998 Newsletter.


Your continued support and assistance

is most appreciated.

Mirza Ahmad


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